The day I started working with Jeremy Lasman, I knew big things were on the horizon. We started empower the imagination as a way to share our ideas about how to eliminate burnout and get into the flow of riding the wave of ideas.

Well it is a year later and we have officially created an offer, set up a marketing system, and have actively started driving traffic to our offer. I knew the back end business platform side would be simple and straightforward enough,. The part that excited me was to see what we would come up with, and how far we would take it.

The bottom line is, we already sold a few slots in our Virtual Incubator Program, where we are manifesting ideas to market. The process is a lot of fun, and the results are real. This is just one of the projects I am contributing to with digital business consulting, and web development services.

It is a great honor to be part of this process we are calling manifestation to market. The process of creating and deploying a website business with another great digital partner is awesome. I just had to write this blog post and share.

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