I was thinking about the online business concepts I have contributed to, or developed by myself.
Interesting that I created an offer for 1$, and sold it. More or less an exercise in functionality. I know I can put together the framework to do digital business and E-Commerce. NICE!

Then I created a 10$ offer, and converted a customer to show proof of concept, basically to SHOW to myself I coul, at will. WOW!

I made 100$ (several times over) on a project showing myself and my co-creators that a sellable 297$ product is really easy to develop. Also to work with leaders in a niche industry on a higher value product. BAM!

The project I am currently part of creating and launching has an offer that is selling for almost $1000 and YES, it is Selling. Proving that Synergy and Passion can generating INCOME doing something you LOVE.

Why am I sharing this information with you?

There are a few reasons why.

One reason is to help myself to really get into the FEELING and ENERGY that I not only CAN do this kind of online business, I HAVE, on more than one occasion. Reinforcing to MYSELF that I can do this, have done this, and can do this at will.

Building on small successes to increase energy and help bigger goals look and become easily attainable.

This is a simple and powerful technique to organically build confidence.

This is also motivational and inspirational to both myself and my friends/online followers/Tribe. I can look at this post and be inspired and motivated to take more action. My friends can look and see, and think to themselves, "heck if Aaron can do it, so can I".

This inspires and motivates me to keep going. I know that just another few steps and I will be another few steps closer to where I will be going and further from where I was.

It gives me a chance to review the skills necessary to put together a digital business. Not just creating a meme, or sharing a post, but creating a website, developing the functional forms and organized data displays. Not just writing emails, but creating follow-up newsletters that connect to emotions and compel action.

This also reinforces with myself and clients that I can and HAVE done several complete digital business set Ups. It helps me and others recognize my ability to connect the technical and emotional, Digital and Life Skills, Business and people skills.

It gives me a chance to review some of my sites, blogs, graphics, stories, and social media channels, boosting my creativity to combine, share, and develop ideas.

It is sometimes tricky to explain what I can do for a Digital business client because in reality I can do plenty. More than just Digital Business Services, or Success Training, or even "Life" or "Spiritual" coaching. I really combine all these disciplines in a fun and engaging project as the container.

This helps me to remember how much can be accomplished when I set out to "Productively Play rather" than "Profitably Work", and how much I really enjoy what I do, and the people I do it with.

Sure, I hope to find a new client or two for some Digital Business Services. Not just for "Business" but because I really enjoy turning ideas into Productive Playful Processes of implementation.

This also leads me to wonder, or imagine, or think, you might even say visualize the creating and selling an offer that is valued at $10,000. Give me time, I will create and SELL a $10,000 offer, I already Know I can do things I have never done before. 10,000 is just a number, just like the other numbers I have used as reference before.

Actually, thinking about it, I actually could basically put together all the individual offers I have and bundle it into a package that sells for $10,000...

I really could put together. Heck I might as well, I mean, If I want to do it just to show myself I can do it, then I know I can do it, so I might as well do it and then I can say I have done it....

really I am just putting a container around what I am capable of, and offering these packages as a "Service". To me it is PLAY. I Would not HAVE TO, but I would GET TO do these things for you as a client...

Just putting it into this perspective motivates me to lay out the outline of this line of thought right here right now.. so here it is.

Here is the breakdown of the $10,000 package, Really right now it is a Brain dump of the ideas, but that is where these things start. and I have not posted each offer individually, but All it takes is putting up the product pages and doing the promotions.
I can do ad have done each and every service listed below, so why not put together a 10 G package...
Website Design and deployment (5 Basic Pages) $1000
Website Content Development (Copy and basic Graphics) $1500
E-Commerce Set up W/ Membership and Affiliate System Configuration $1500
Digital Product Creation $2500
E-Mail System Set up with Basic Newsletter configuration $1000
EMail Follow Up Content $500
Virtual Incubator Program $1500
Productivity Play Training. $1500

Wait, that is like 11 Grand value so far, and that does not even include Marketing Training and services. Which I might as well throw in.

So, if you are ready for me to come on board, and take care of any one, or all of these deliverables for YOUR digital Business, then shoot me a payment Here.
(All payments managed by aaron@millionairesdream.info)

Now I just need to figure out a way to automate the promotion and delivery of all these items, then I will really be in business. 😉

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