Been thinking about my "TRUE CALLING" or Purpose, or whatever people are calling that little voice coming from deep inside, subdely guiding your direction, at times seemingly directing every aspect of the known universe.
As I try to break it down into a single sentence, or statement, I am seeing clearly some of the aspects of this mission of mine...
I have also realized I am not the only individual with the same, or very similar mission...

So what is this mission. To usher in the new paradigm of society. I realize I may not of the generation to experience the true majesty of the NEW WORLD ORDER, in as much as I understand what this means to me....

So what does that mean? Some might think it is the "Government", and that might have something to do with it... Other's say it is BUSINESS... Still others say it has to do with consciousness, or whatever...I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT... or at least not separately.

Anyway, Today I am called to do a talk, and then transcribe my verbalization into a written document. a translation of sorts... I hope this goes well, as there are many concepts I hope to discuss which might flow easier if I just say it, rather than write it out and see what I say,

ANYWAY, here's to the changes for the better...
And here's the link to the LIVE verbal expression..

If the voice to text works, I will put a transcription up on my blog soon. Thanks. Have a great day.

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