This week was INTENSE for me... I am already a BIG PICTURE thinker, and strategizing with the group, took me into my own idea, which has many detailed parts that fit together in a larger whole.

Going through some of the exercises in the program, I started getting a Bigger picture view, of how my project fits into the world at large. This is an important aspect of business to me. Each small business influences the world around us.

Beyond profits and operations, the vision of the new paradigm of business has positive social, environmental, and individual impact. This is what drives me to take action and make my ideas a reality.

The Virtual Incubator Program, was created, in a way, to serve a purpose for myself and my partner. We have IDEAS that are SO BIG, so IMPACTFUL, that we needed to refine our process of bringing OUR ideas to market.

The Virtual Incubator Program was our solution. Not just for us. We discovered many people have ideas they want to bring to the real world market. We are sharing our process, and manifesting ideas to market.

Sharing our ideas, and the process we are using to produce an promote OUR business is exactly what other people needed. Every product and business is different, but the PROCESS of Manifestation to Market works for ALL of them.

From a Book or Website idea, to a TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENT in any field, the PROCESS of PROGRESS transmutes ideas into reality.

The most technical or the most creative ideas are born in the Imagination. Empower the Imagination is one of my favorite projects. Here is a link to the Virtual Incubator Program web page. See how Jeremy and Aaron can help you take your ideas into the real world market.

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