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When I first considered to investigate the topic of money, I did really not know where to start. So of course I went to the internet, and asked Google to list all the websites about money it could find. Do you want to know what I found... Over 4 BILLION pages, including MUSIC VIDEOS,  Movies,  Stories about Money, Articles about Digital money, Games, studies, and HOW TO instructions on how to make money.

Did you even know there are at least 3 different types of money, and money people(Economists), even have their own language. Heck on the first page of my research investigation reports summary I clearly identified at least 5 different "Types" of money, and  know of at least 3 different definitions, or anyway, that is what was on google about money,

Wow, I mean almost all of us use this stuff every day, in some form or another...Yet, when I started digging into this rabbit hole, I quickly discovered how little most people know about money, myself included. To be honest, I see a few different lines of thought, that may require some more in depth investigations on more specific topics relating to this mysterious and illusive (For Some people) thing we call money.

So, basically I will begin by asking the standard investigative questions.

who, what, when, where, why, and how of it all.

Anyway, there are a lot of questions I am asking about money, and I wanted to also ask around a bit to gain some perspective on what exactly about money should I investigate first?

I was thinking to investigate the specific question of  how can I get some money for myself??? Maybe Cyberspace money is the new system, just look at block chain and hash chain digital money such as bitcoin or ethereum.

What about ...?

How did our current money system happen?

or Who wants some more money???

or how do you earn money online with a website?

Anyway, Got to ask the questions before we can answer them don't we, so now I will continue my investigation into all things MONEY, and report back here, with my findings, so we can start to answer some of these questions about Money.

There are some things about money, that are definitely going to be a deep investigation, such as understanding economics, commercial banking, stocks, reserves, and more.

I am sure you want to know how to manage your money, and so that is the first area I will research, and share my findings. You might say that I am investigating Money Management.

As always, I have some downloadable resources for member investigators and a summary of these valuable reports for the visitors, right here, below this line... You might want to check them out.


Money Management For Students

This is a great, straight forward, informative, easy to apply informative report on Money Management for students.

While majority of students leave with large debts and others with small
debts, the amount of debt acquired will depend on how well you have
managed your expenses when you’re still studying. If you don’t want to pay
for a huge debt and save money while you are a student, you should know
how to manage finance is important. Through financial management, you
will not just be able to save money from paying large debt, but also you will
reduce your expenses and avoid running out of budget while you are still

If you want to understand managing money, even if you are not a student, this is a wonderful report to get you up to speed when it comes to money and finances, at least from the perspective of a student.

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Money Management Methods

Here are the chapters, and as you can see, money influences many areas of life, and knowing how to manage them can drastically impact your life and lifestyle.

Chapter 1:
How We See Money
Chapter 2:
Money and Reality
Chapter 3:
Money and Affection
Chapter 4:
Money Might and Unity
Chapter 5:
Money Bravery and Being Intelligent

It's undeniable that money plays a crucial role in our lives; however what precisely is that role? Is money an adverse distraction, or may it really help us live more consciously? Is it better to give or to get?Is poverty more enlightened than wealthiness?Even among highly conscious people, money may be a contentious,polarizing subject. Social training overcharges us with so many contradictory views on the subject that it's no wonder individuals are baffled. Disarray about money causes us to compartmentalize the fiscal part of our lives. Cash becomes a thing unto itself with its own rules and conventions. We literally treat it as something that have to be roped off and locked in a vault, detached from other parts of our lives lest it in some way infect us with its cold-blooded properties.

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I will gather more intelligence for the reports during the process of my investigation into MONEY, and will be sure to include more resources for your consideration. Thank you for joining me in my quest to investigate money, and like the site says, to investigate everything.


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