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Hello World, My name is Aaron "G" Riggs, and I am curious about nearly everything positive, productive, and personal power.

This Website will document my adventures in Cyber Space and Real Space, sometimes in Real time, and other times you may be watching a replay.

Anyway,  I might have some links to other websites, which I include as reference or for Access to additional information.  Nothing Said there is of my implicit direction, but the sources I provide can be helpful, and are of their own accord. Some links may provide access to additional information, products, and/or Services which I am not providing, but may gain due to my reference and accompanying information retrieved from my investigations.

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If you are interested in something that I have not posted on this website, just drop me a quick note, comment on a post, or find me on social media.

Here is the current list of past, current, and potential future investigations.

Previous investigations


Personal Power


Current Investigation


Potential Future investigations

Relationships Polygamous or Monogamous, and why

Digital value exchange


Social Media.


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